How To Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

How To Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

How To Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

If you watch the news with any regularity it seems like there are unarmed citizens being shot and killed by the police every other day. It seems as though police officers are being told to shoot first and ask questions later.

Because of this, you need to do all you can from being on the wrong end of a police shooting. While there is no one thing you can do to make you completely safe, there are a few things that will greatly reduce the odds of you becoming just another hashtag on social media.

1 – Don’t Run

This can be a tough one to follow. So many minority citizens have been brought up to fear and not trust the police and the first instinct is to flee from authority. Do you best to remain still and face the officer.

Most police officers believe that if you run from them then you are probably guilty of something. Once they perceive you as a threat the likelihood of them using force on you (letal or otherwise) increases dramatically. Stay put.

2 – Make Slow, Deliberate Movements

Police officers are a jumpy group. Any sudden movements by you will be considered as a threat. They will automatically think you are reaching for a weapon and act accordingly. This is what happened recently to Philando Catsile in Minnesota. He was reaching for his wallet to show the officer his ID and was shot.

Tell the officer exactly what you are doing. As an example, “My registration is is the glove compartment and I am going to reach for it right now.”

3 – Keep Your Hands Visible

As stated before, police officer view every movement as a threat, so keep your hands where they can see them. If you are pulled over in your car, keep your hands on the steering wheel until you are told to move them.

If you are stopped on the street, keep your hands out of your pockets and in front of your body. Again, don’t move them until you are told to do so.

4 – Avoid Physical Contact

Touching, hitting or assaulting an officer will almost assuredly result in you getting hurt (and possibly killed) by a police officer.

Police officers will view any physical assaults as a threat to their lives and will act accordingly. This usually results in you being shot multiple times. Keep your hands to yourself.

5 – Do What You Are Told

If you are stopped by a police officer, they will no doubt start delivering orders for you to follow. Do what you are told and do it slowly. Unfortunately, many officers will escalate the situation right from the start. The yell orders instead of talking in a normal voice. This in turn will probably make you jumpy or angry. You still have to comply.

Noncompliance with a direct order has gotten more citizens beaten or shot than anything else. No matter how aggressive an officer is giving you orders you need to remain calm and follow instructions.

It has become incumbent on citizens to try to de-escalate encounters with police officers. Law enforcement now has an “us vs. them” attitude and every minority is seen as a threat. You need to do everything you can to avoid becoming another victim of police brutality. Following these five steps will help.

The one good thing to come out of all the recent police shootings is that the media is paying more attention to this practice and more Americans are becoming fed up. Shining a spotlight on police brutality is the first step in changing the culture of law enforcement. This is why we are making “Always A Thorn.” This film is an important step in exposing the epidemic of police brutality in America. We urge you to support our Kickstarter campaign to make this film a reality.

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